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Grad Chat

Connect with other graduate students

Please note that Grad Chat is suspended for Fall 2022



Grad Chat is a one-hour weekly session where Concordia's new and returning graduate students can meet one another and join in a friendly community. Need a break from the busy pace of graduate study? Want to connect with students in different departments? Have a few questions you wish you could ask a senior student? Grad Chat meetings are the place to go!

Every week, Grad Chat offers a discussion space around themes such as wellness in graduate school, time management, and organization in order to foster conversations.

The meetings are drop-in, so you can come for the whole hour or just drop by for a few minutes. Drop-in to one or many sessions and join our MS Teams group to continue the conversation outside of meetings.

Student mentors from GradProSkills, the Welcome Crew, and Campus Wellness, will host these weekly drop-in sessions for graduate students. They will occasionally be joined by special guests from other campus services. The mentors and guests are excellent resources for directing you to the different services at Concordia and Montreal, so feel free to ask them your questions. If they can’t answer, they can point you to the right services.

Grad Chat FAQ

Grad students get the chance to enjoy exciting conversations and strike up connections with other students. Students chat about preparing for grad school, share their grad life challenges while at home, learn about insightful resources, and connect with like-minded people.

The hosts open the Zoom meeting. Students can introduce themselves and then take some time to ask everybody to share about their week. If you have specific questions, we make time to address those.

Don’t be surprised if we start to go off on tangents once we get chatting. In the past, conversations have included anything from the pandemic, apartment search tips, supervisor gripes, courses, food, and cooking, or books and videos…

Students who come repeatedly get to know each other and can strike up fascinating conversations. Continue the conversation on the MS Teams group!

Student can post almost anything on the MS Teams group's General channel.

Tell us about…

  • your week,
  • your questions about places to go in Montreal,
  • cool books, videos you want to share,
  • or resources you have come across in your grad student journey.

Yes, except for holidays. Check the ‘Upcoming Grad Chat’ channel on the MS Teams group to find out when the hosts will be there.

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