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EmpowerGrad Workshop: Quebec's Education System for Non-Local Students

October 03, 2023 16h00-18h00, CSLP Room 2.221
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This workshop is aimed at providing a basic overview of the Quebec education system, from the perspective of those who have studied in it. The workshop aims to help non-local students understand how the education system in Quebec works, the culture, the systems, and the little eccentricities which distinguish it from systems elsewhere.

Otkay Cem Adiguzel is an Invited Professor at UQAM

Conférence CEAP: Impact des feedbacks sur l'apprentissage : Explorer et contextualiser

October 19, 2023, 16h00-17h00, Online
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The session (in French) will examine the impact of feedback on the learning process, and discuss the respective roles of teacher and learner, and make practical suggestions in this regard. The session will then explore the various feedback-related technological tools that can be exploited to enhance learning effectiveness.

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Photo of John Rudolph John L. Rudolph is the Vilas Distinguished Achievement Professor of Science Education at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Speaker Series: Why We Teach Science (and Why We Should)

November 15, 2023

Few people question the importance of science education in American schooling. The public believes it’s the key to economic growth, develops the ability to reason more effectively, and enables us to solve the problems of everyday life. Good science teaching results in all these benefits and more—or so we think. But what if all this is simply wrong? What if the benefits we assume science education produces turn out to be an illusion, nothing more than wishful thinking? In this talk, John Rudolph examines the reasons we've long given for teaching science and assesses how they hold up to what we know about what students really learn in science classrooms and what research tells us about how people interact with science in their daily lives. The results will surprise you. Instead of more and more rigorous traditional science education to fill the STEM pipeline, Rudolph challenges us to think outside the box and makes the case for an expansive science education aimed instead at rebuilding trust between science and the public.

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