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Quentin Wheeler-Bell

Speaker Series : Politics of Democratic Mourning and The Moral Narratives Behind The Anti-CRT Debate

Quentin Wheeler-Bell, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Indiana University. His research delves into the intersections of education and democratic theory, concentrating on critical pedagogy and the philosophy of education. Holding a Ph.D. in Educational Policy from the University of Wisconsin, his work explores the normative foundation of Critical Pedagogy and its implications for human flourishing. With publications in prestigious journals like Educational Theory and Educational Policy, his scholarly contributions encompass topics such as neoliberalism, urban poverty, and social justice education. Dr. Wheeler-Bell is also a dedicated educator, offering courses on educational thought, philosophy of education, and critical pedagogy. He's been recognized for his teaching excellence and mentoring efforts and actively contributes to academia through committee participation and conference presentations. He's working on a book delving into the normative dimensions of critical pedagogy, further enriching his research trajectory.

Logo for the Disinformation conference

Disinformation: Creation, Dissemination and Pedagogical Responses, a 2-day conference at the 4th Space

Disinformation is the cognitive, political, and social plague of the 21st century. Its prevalence and in/visibility, with lightning-fast images, memes, and stories, regardless of verity thanks to social media algorithms, AI, and verbal gamesmanship, is witnessed in the flood of (mis)representations of the catastrophic events in Israel/Gaza, the 2024 USA Presidential election, and rising Hindu nationalism in India that exposes religious minorities to unspeakable violence. The explosion of maliciously fabricated content has spurred specialists in scientific and humanistic disciplines (Information Studies, Media Studies, Library Studies, Political Science, Cultural Studies, Education) to identify, analyze, and disrupt disinformation.

What has been missing is a common space for sharing and refining approaches to research and scholarship in disinformation with concrete pedagogical strategies for combatting it. The Disinformation: Creation, Dissemination and Pedagogical Responses conference is a unique, interdisciplinary two-day series of events of academic conversations, pedagogical workshops, film screenings, and art-based performances at Concordia University on April 29 and 30, 2024 where these thorny issues will be tackled from multiple perspectives.

The goal is to engage participants in critical methods to combat disinformation and equip teachers and professors with pedagogical methodologies and tools to cultivate students' media and reality literacy.

Journée de réflexion sur la gestion aidée par les résultats du CEAP UQAM

  • April 26, 2024, 1:25 to 2:10pm
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Mary-Lou McCarthy and Amélie Roy, in collaboration with Marie-Martine Dimitri, will present a conference entitled "Collaborating, learning and succeeding: at the intersection of data and success".

Poster for CEAP Journee de reflexion

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Speaker Series: Quentin Wheeler-Bell

The Politics of Democratic Mourning and The Moral Narratives Behind The Anti-CRT Debate

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