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Executive board

Role & responsibilities of the Executive board

The Executive board:

  1. meets at least twice a year to advise on the CSLP’s goals and policies;
  2. determines criteria for membership in the CSLP and recommends changes;
  3. plans CSLP-wide knowledge mobilization activities (internal and external); and
  4. critically evaluates the CSLP’s effectiveness at meeting the objectives of the Regroupement stratégique on a continuing basis.

Executive board members

  • Eva Bures, CTREQ Representative - Bishops
  • Michael Canuel, Partner Representative - Learn Quebec
  • Juan Carlos Castro, Emerging ICT Leader - Concordia
  • Stéphane Cyr, co-holder, Chaire UNESCO de développement curriculaire
  • Éric Dion, Professor, Département d'éducation et formation spécialisées - UQAM
  • Catherine Fitchen, CEGEP Representative - Dawson College
  • Isabelle Gauvin, CSLP Associate Director - UQAM
  • Ashley Montgomery, Student Representative - Concordia
  • Richard Schmid, Tools for Learning Leader - Concordia
  • Vivek Venkatesh, CSLP Co-Director - Concordia
  • David Waddington, CSLP Co-Director - Concordia
  • *Zeina Allouche, CSLP Manager - Concordia
  • *Kathryn Urbaniak, Project Someone Program Manager - Concordia
  • *Karine Villeneuve, CSLP Coordinator - UQAM
  • *Anne Wade, LTK+ Global Manager - Concordia

*Non-voting member

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