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Our collaborators are Quebec university researchers who contribute on an occasional basis to a research project or who are researchers located outside Quebec.

Collaborator Position & Institution

Rhonda Amsel

Professor, Psychology, McGill University

Jennison Asuncion

Co-Director, Adaptech Research Network, Dawson College
Emilie Auclair Solidarité Mercier-Est [SME]

Elizabeth Charles

Professor, Dawson College

Chi Keung Alan Cheung

Professor, Educational Administration & Policy, Chinese University, Hong Kong

Anne-Marie Croteau

Associate Dean, External Relations/Business Development, John Molson School of Business, Concordia University

Helena Dedic

Professor, Physics, Vanier College

Nancy Del Col

Education Specialist at World Vision Canada

Alain Desrochers

Professor, Psychology, University of Ottawa

Al-Nasir Hamir

Aga Khan Fondation

Nicole Fournier-Sylvester nicole

Centre mondial du pluralisme

Alexandrea Gottardo

Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University, Department of Psychology

Pamela Gunning

Lecturer, Education, Concordia University

Abdelkrim Hasni

Professeur titulaire, Education, Sherbrooke University

Alice Havel

Scholar in Residence, Dawson College

Teresa Hernandez-Gonzalez

Assistant Professor, Education, Concordia University

Talia Isaacs

Associate Professor of Applied Linguistics and Language Assessment, Institute of Education, University College London

Shirley Jorgensen

Coordinator Institutional Research, Adaptech Research Network, Dawson College

Laura King

Teacher, Cégep André-Laurendeau, Département de langues

Denis Liakin

Associate Professor, Études françaises, Concordia University

Eva Libman

Director, Psychology, Jewish General Hospital

Barley Shuk-Yin Mak

Associate Head & Dean of Students, Director, Centre for Enhancing English Learning and Teaching (CEELT), Assistant Professor, Department of Curriculum and InstructionThe Chinese University of Hong Kong

Jonathan Marsh

Global Manager for Professional Development, Aga Khan Academies

Dr. Heike Neumann

Assistant Professor, ESL Education, Concordia University

Grace Ogada

Shanzu Teachers Training College
Jeffry Podoshen Franklin & Marshall College, Department of Business, Organizations & Society
Isabelle Pontbriand Centre de transfert pour la réussite éducative du Québec (CTREQ)

Steven Rosenfield

Professor, Mathemathics, Vanier College
Ryan Scrivens Michigan State University, School of Criminal Justice

Linda Siegel

Professor, Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network, University of British Columbia

Rana Tamim

Full Professor and Dean of the College of Education, Zayed University

Tieja Thomas

Research Associate, Science, Technology and Innovation Policy, The Conference Board of Canada

Chrsitine Truesdale

Director of pedagocial services and education technology, Leading English Education and Resources Network (LEARN)

Wallin Jason



Associate Chair (Undergraduate), Faculty of Education - Secondary Education Dept

Professor, Faculty of Education - Secondary Education Dept

University of Alberta, Faculty of Education

Eileen Wood

Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
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