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Creative Director

We are currently looking for a full-time (35 hours) Creative Director to join our team at the CSLP. 

This flexible individual must be able to jump into our development projects quickly, especially those related to the Learning Toolkit (LTK) which is a suite of five bilingual tools, as well as manage a team of developers. 


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We are seeking a creative, adaptable, goal-oriented, and highly organized individual with strong managerial skills who also has…...

• A university degree in a field related to web application development (ex: graphic design, computer science, computation arts, interactive communication, digital technology, educational technology)

• Practical experience in web application development and/or interactive projects 

• 2+ years experience in managing a team of programmers and/or designers 

• Thorough understanding of the software development cycle

• Experience assessing the feasibility of projects, development time and associated costs

• Familiarity or understanding of web technology and programming languages (PHP, MySQL, HTML 5, JavaScript)

• Excellent written and oral communication skills in English and French



• Experience in graphic design (interactive and print-based), user interface design, video production, animation, information architecture, web application programming  

• Service-oriented individual with some understanding of the use and workings of technology-based systems for research and education, especially web-based systems

• Ability to formulate recommendations on how to harmonize pedagogical goals with production constraints

• Experience working with storyboards and flowcharts


• Participates in the conception and planning of development projects as part of a multi-disciplinary team that includes instructional designers, researchers, the CSLP Manager and the Principal Investigator.

• Strong project management skills in an agile development environment. Oversees and directs all aspects of the CSLP development projects (i.e. software, video production, websites) and monitors the development work environment to insure that all deliverables are met in a timely fashion and that all aspects of the finished product work seamlessly.

• In collaboration with the Lead Instructional Designer, coordinates all contributions and aspects of the development of a particular project (i.e.: graphics, audio, video, animation, photo, etc…)

• Directs the quality of the work and insures that all interface and content materials are up to standard and consistent across tools.

• Establishes the various standards (in consultation with the CSLP Manager and Director) of production models and insure that all aspects of the project meet the standards established by the CSLP.

• Act as a consultant to the designers for the various software and multimedia applications on the aesthetic aspects of a project.

• In consultation with the Lead Instructional Designer, contributes to the planning of the various evaluation (i.e., debugging) protocols.


• Hires and manages the necessary human resources (i.e. developers, illustrators, narrators, testers) for a particular project

• Manages the developers

• Projects and monitors the costs of production for all CSLP development projects in consultation with the CSLP Manager and Principal Investigator of a project

• Organizes and manages the assets associated with CSLP development projects

• Participates in the design of CSLP promotional material (i.e. CSLP Annual Report, LTK Newsletter, etc.) as required

• Serves as the Development representative on internal development project teams

• Serves as the CSLP Development representative at external meetings with partners or events and when required, presents the LTK with a positive, constructive, and professional orientation

Reporting to the LTK Theme leader, the successful candidate is expected to respect all Concordia University Policies and is particularly affected by BD-4 (Ethical Actions) and HR-5 (Employment of Research Personnel Hired by Grant Recipients). 

Interested candidates should forward a cover letter (with salary expectations), curriculum vitae, links to web sites developed and/or a portfolio of visual work to the CSLP Manager, Anne Wade at, by November 5, 2018. Applicants may also submit a brief video (between 2-4 minutes) providing an overview of your background, why you want to work at the CSLP, and biggest asset you would bring to the team. 

The position will start immediately. Salary will be negotiated in the context of academic research-funded positions and based upon qualifications.

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