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Information for faculty administrators

Processing times for Labour Market Impact Assessment and CAQs may vary a great deal between 6 weeks to over 7 months. Where the applicant is a national of a visa-requiring country, work permit processing times with the visa office abroad must also be considered. In order to ensure the greatest possible chance of success in obtaining an LMIA, the process should begin in January for an August 1 start date.

Foreign-national spouses of Canadian tenure-track faculty are not eligible for spousal open work permits and normally must enter Canada as visitors. Without a work permit of their own, they cannot apply for Québec health insurance and are considered non-residents for tuition fees. The faculty member should make arrangements to sponsor the Canadian permanent resident application of his/her spouse as soon as possible.

Repatriated Canadian faculty members in designated disciplines (such as science and engineering, finance, health, or new information and communications technologies) may be eligible for the Quebec tax exemption measure.



For any additional immigration-related questions, please contact:

Cristiana Voiculescu
Faculty immigration specialist
514-848-2424, ext. 4830

Eligibility for benefits/expenses

Not sure whether you are eligible for a benefit or expense as a new faculty member at Concordia? Contact your Faculty:

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