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Academic Program Appraisals

Undertaking a self-appraisal process to improve the quality and relevance of academic programs offered at all levels and in all academic sectors.

Concordia University Academic Program Appraisals Manual

The Concordia University Academic Program Appraisals Manual, 5th edition revised (November 2015), was designed for use by the departments and academic units under appraisal. It includes information and guidelines for every step of the appraisal process.

The Appraisal Coordinator will make Word templates available to the departments and units responsible for preparing reports as part of the appraisal. Please visit Carrefour for a copy of the DAC Report template and additional guidelines.

More about the process

The guidelines for this process have been mutually established by members of the Bureau de coopération interuniversitaire (BCI, formerly CREPUQ). Through the self-appraisal, the universities and BCI undertake self-renewal of programs to maintain their high quality and to fulfill public trust in Quebec's universities. 

Program appraisals are conducted in relation to the existing mission statements and academic plans of the program, Faculty/Schools and the University. The criteria for program appraisal are based on the following five principles adopted by the Concordia University Senate:

  • Academic quality of teaching and research
  • Current and potential student demand for the programs
  • Goals and objectives which are consistent with the University mission and identity
  • Cost-efficiency and effectiveness
  • Opportunities for partnerships with others to enhance or maintain quality

Recommendations from the Implementation Plan provide a basis for academic planning, which is subsequently approved by the Faculty, School of Graduate Studies and Senate.


The results of the appraisal process for the 2011-2017 cycle will be made available to the University community as they become available. A summary of strengths and recommendations for remedy of challenges where appropriate, as reported by the Faculty Dean's Implementation Plan, will be posted on this website for public scrutiny.

Faculty of Arts and Science - 2012
Unit Follow-up
Department of Biology Implementation Plan Progress Report
Department of Health, Kinesiology and Applied Physiology Implementation Plan
Department of Mathematics and Statistics Implementation Plan
Department of Physics Implementation Plan Progress Report
Department of Psychology Implementation Plan
Faculty of Engineeering and Computer Science - 2013
Unit Documents
Concordia Institute for Information Systems Engineering Implementation Plan
Department of Building, Civil and Environmental Engineering Implementation Plan
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering Implementation Plan
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering Implementation Plan
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Implementation Plan
Faculty of Arts and Science - 2014
Unit Documents
Department of History Implementation Plan
Department of Theological Studies Implementation Plan
School of Canadian Irish Studies Implementation Plan
Liberal Arts College Implementation Plan
Department of English Implementation Plan
Department of Philosophy Implementation Plan
Faculty of Fine Arts - 2015
Unit Documents
Department of Creative Arts Therapies Implementation Plan
Department of Design and Computation Arts Implementation Plan
Department of Theatre Implementation Plan
Department of Art History Implementation Plan
Department of Music Implementation Plan
Department of Contemporary Dance Implementation Plan
Mel Hoppenheim School of Cinema Implementation Plan
Department of Art Education Implementation Plan
Department of Studio Arts Implementation Plan
John Molson School of Business - 2017
Unit Documents
Department of Accountancy Implementation Plan
Department of Finance Implementation Plan
Department of Management Implementation Plan
Department of Marketing Implementation Plan
Program in International Business Implementation Plan
Core undergraduate (BComm) program Implementation Plan
MSc and PhD graduate programs Implementation Plan
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