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Income tax exemptions

The Government of Quebec offers a tax exemption for up to five years for foreign-national and repatriated Canadian professors in designated disciplines. You must be specialized in the fields of science and engineering, finance, health, and new information and communications technologies.

Key dates and deadlines

  • First-time applicants should apply soon after commencing at Concordia.
  • The tax exemption must be renewed every year by February 1.

Preparing your application

We have prepared two documents that may be helpful in evaluating whether you are eligible, and how to prepare an application. Please contact Lyse Jean-Baptiste, Academic Staff Officer (, who can assist with the preparation of the exemption application.

Are you a postdoctoral fellow? The tax exemption measure extends to foreign-national postdoctoral fellows. For information, please write to



For any additional immigration-related questions, please contact:

Cristiana Voiculescu
Faculty immigration specialist
514-848-2424, ext. 4830

Eligibility for benefits/expenses

Not sure whether you are eligible for a benefit or expense as a new faculty member at Concordia? Contact your Faculty:

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