Thank you to everyone who participated in a guided conversation in 2022. Your feedback has been very valuable to the future of teaching and learning at Concordia.

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Conversation guide for students

Your experience

These questions will shape the conversation. If you can, spend some time reflecting on your experience before the session.

  1. Think back to some of your favourite classes. What made them memorable? How did they support your learning?
  2. How does Concordia currently support your success, both in and outside the classroom? What changes would you like to see?
  3. Concordia has chosen four areas of focus. To what degree do they resonate with you? What's missing? 
    • inclusivity
    • success and wellbeing
    • technology
    • "sky is the limit" thinking
  4. Imagine it's 2027. What would teaching and learning at Concordia look like ideally? Please comment on each area of focus.

Inspirational examples

These approaches to teaching and learning from other institutes of higher education, plus some homegrown initiatives, intersect with Concordia's key areas of focus. We'd love to know what you think.

Frequently asked questions

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