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Zoom provides an online space for virtual classes where all participants can be seen and heard in real time. This tool can add a social dynamic to an online course or provide a way to hold interactive lectures online in blended or traditional face-to-face classes. 

For support using Zoom, contact IITS at:

Access to Concordia’s Zoom Portal.

Getting started with Zoom

Guidelines for using technology in your teaching

This document, Concordia Educational Technology Guidelines for Faculty and Students (the “Guidelines”), provides essential guidelines from Concordia concerning the use of Zoom at the university.

Zoom security & privacy

It is important to become familiar with the Zoom security & privacy protocols set up by Concordia University.  

Set-up: Integrating Zoom into your course

Setting up & customizing your Zoom account

Zoom is a video conferencing tool that can be used in an academic setting to facilitate online learning. Faculty members can use it to provide lectures, tutorials and office hours.

Moving your course meetings online (Setting up your Zoom classes in Moodle)

This workflow guides you through the steps for moving your live classes into an online format. Online classes will be held using the web conferencing tool Zoom, facilitated through Moodle. This workflow will guide you through the process of:

Making your Zoom recordings available to students on Moodle

Review the instructions on this page. Concordia uses Yuja, a video publishing and capturing tool to share videos securely on Moodle.

Zoom Live Closed Captioning and Live Transcription

The steps created by Concordia's Access Centre for Students with Disabilities will guide you through the process for settings up and enabling closed captioning so that students have access to text-to-voice content and live transcriptions.

How to Suspend Participant Activities in Zoom

Zoom has a simple security feature that allows the host to suspend all participant activities during a class meeting.

Running a Zoom virtual class (meeting)

Running a Zoom session

On this page you will find technical information on setting up zoom as well as:

  • Tips on running your session (Includes steps to prevent Zoom bombing)
  • Meeting basics and advanced settings 
  • Interactive features

Setting up & managing Breakout rooms

Breakout rooms allow the host to split meeting participants into separate rooms. Breakout rooms can facilitate different kinds of group work such as discussions, problem solving, brainstorming and peer teaching.  

Zoom video tutorials

In addition to offering step-by-step videos on using a multitude of functionality, Zoom also offers live training webinars everyday (Mon-Fri) and recorded training sessions. Be sure to select the appropriate time zone when registering for a live session.

Promoting student engagement in Zoom classes

Using Zoom to engage students (pedagogical information)

Once you have determined the appropriate content for your Zoom session, plan a session that takes advantage of your time with students and the interactive features of Zoom.

Virtual Office Hours (with Zoom)

How and when virtual office hours are scheduled will depend on your course and the needs or your students. Generally, when holding office hours, there are two ways to proceed: You can either have hours scheduled at the same time each week or at different times during the week. 

Best practices for promoting interaction and participation in Zoom

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