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Our team

Title Name Email Extension
Manager Adelina Feo 5625
Lead, Disability Accommodations Moire Stevenson 7120
Accessibility Services Specialist Alison Rollins 4375
Advisor Charles Altman 3503
Advisor Sanu Ariyarajah 4375
Advisor Russell Cooper 4377
Advisor Tudor Crisan 3623
Advisor Ana Gonzalez 4309
Advisor Julia Granitto 7290
Advisor Stephanie Peccia 4378
Advisor Stephanie Wells 4309
Exams Coordinator Victor Zampino 4376
Exams Coordinator Sraddha Bista 4562
Exams Assistant Yasamin Ebrahimi 4328
Department Assistant/E-text Coordinator Shanika Taylor-Haughton 4572
Administrative Assistant Jessica Forcione
Service Assistant   Isa Maria Biasini 3525
Service Assistant Brittany Dohmen-Clermont 3525

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Students with Disabilities (ACSD)

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