Teaching consultations


Our dedicated team is available full-time to help provide resources and solutions to pedagogical and technological questions related to teaching and learning. The CTL team possesses a broad range of expertise and experience from pedagogy, course design and development to using innovative technologies, course evaluations and more. There are three ways to meet with our staff: 

Face-to-Face Consultation Face-to-Face Consultation
Telephone Consultation Telephone Consultation
Web Conference via Zoom Web Conference via Zoom

The Teaching Consultant can meet with instructors to provide advice, support and resources on a wide variety of teaching-related topics. Here are some of the most common consultation topics: 

  • Reviewing a course syllabus
  • Decolonizing & indigenizing the classroom/curriculum
  • Selecting and implementing the appropriate pedagogical approach, teaching strategies and techniques, such as: active learning, flipped classroom, group work, class discussions, etc.
  • Classroom management issues
  • Designing assignments and other assessments
  • Grading
  • Selecting the most appropriate technologies
  • Implementing inclusive teaching strategies
  • Lesson planning
  • Preparing a teaching dossier (refer to the Teaching Dossier pages on Carrefour for more information on preparing a teaching dossier.)
  • Interpreting course evaluations (refer to the Course evaluations pages on Carrefour for more information on accessing and interpreting your course evaluations.)

In addition to the standard teaching consultations, we offer specific services as listed below.

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