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Curriculum Development

At the center of curriculum are instructional objectives and learning outcomes. A well-designed curriculum ensures that the content, activities and assessments align with these objectives and outcomes. Curriculum development and renewal is a multi-phase process.

What we can do for you

  • Develop a new program within your department;
  • Redesign an existing program;
  • Conduct an environmental analysis to identify innovative curriculum models, comparator programs, market data, discipline trends, etc.;
  • Meet program accreditation requirements;
  • Explore where inclusive practice and future skills can be integrated;
  • Examine the student experience across a program;
  • Conduct a curriculum review;
  • Or have other related curriculum-related needs…

How we at CTL can help 

Curriculum Developers at Concordia University’s Centre for Teaching and Learning can support individual instructors, departments, or faculties with a range of curriculum needs.

We invite you to contact our Curriculum Development team at the Centre for Teaching and Learning for an initial consultation.

Concordia Curriculum Management System

For more information on how to propose and make changes to academic curricula, including policies and procedures, please refer to the Curriculum page on C-Space (login required).

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