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On Teaching, Thinking and Living with Canadian Residential School History

by Norman Ravvin

Professor Mervin Butovsky in the Avriel Butovsky Research Library Professor Mervin Butovsky in the Avriel Butovsky Research Library

Recent news

The Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies is happy to announce the winner of the Undergraduate Essay Contest it funds in the Department of Religions and Cultures for students working in the area of Judaic Studies.

The winner is:

Layla Rudy – (Honours, Judaic Studies) for her essay in RELI 331 Literature and the Holocaust: “The Good, The Bad, and Everything in Between: Non-Jews and the Holocaust.”

Announcing the revival of our Canadian Jewish Studies Chapbook Series, which highlights work in the area of Canadian Jewish Studies as well as in Jewish Studies by Canadian writers and scholars. Next up is a revised edition of Franz Kafka, “Josephine the Singer or the People of Mice.” The translation, like its earlier edition, is by Karin Doerr with Gary Evans. The new introduction is by Karin Doerr. Design and layout this time by Bernard Kelly, who will create something as impressive as our Gaspereau Press-produced first edition. Coming soon in fall 2021.

The Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies will sponsor and support online interviews introducing new books in the field. The first of these profiled Dr. Emily Robins Sharpe’s Mosaic Fictions: Writing Identity in the Spanish Civil War.   

Also, a discussion with Amir Lavie about his recently-defended University of Toronto dissertation, “The Past is Not a Foreign Country: Archival Mentalities and the Development of the Canadian-Jewish Community's Archival Landscape During the Nineteen Seventies.”

All interviews, including the most recent with David Koffman (York) on The Jews' Indian: Colonialism, Pluralism, and Belonging in America, can been seen on the Association for Canadian Jewish Studies YouTube channel.

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