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About the Institute

The Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies is dedicated to the study of the Canadian Jewish experience. Through research,  education, and collaborative efforts, the Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies supports a wide range of projects of local, national, and international interest, which contribute to this field of inquiry. The Concordia Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies provides a bridge between the academic study of Canadian Jewry and the community in which it serves.


Dr. Miranda Crowdus

Director, Institute for Canadian Jewish Studies

Chair, Canadian Jewish Studies

Director and Chair, Canadian Jewish Studies

Miranda Crowdus is an assistant professor at the Department of Religions and Cultures. She assumed the directorship of the Institute in January of 2022. Crowdus’ research interests lie at the intersection of ethnomusicology and Jewish Studies. Crowdus’ research specializations, as well as her upbringing in Montreal, and a vested interest in learning about Montreal’s Jewish communities “in their own words” was the motivation for her new research project “The Music of Jewish Montreal” (2022). The project explores connections between musical consumption and practices and their role in strengthening the confidence and cohesion and transcultural practices and potential of minority communities in Canadian urban contexts. Another recently conceived project “Performing the Canadian Jewish Archive” uses material documents as well as experiential encounters linked with the Canadian Jewish Archive as a catalyst for arts-based creations and practices.

Crowdus is also currently working on research on Jewish cultural heritage and cultural sustainability with a particular emphasis on intangible cultural heritage. Using an interdisciplinary framework, her comparative research interrogates the construction of contemporary European and Canadian Jewish Cultural Heritage (JCH) displays, by addressing their assumed notions of temporality and resulting conflicting representations and negotiations of Jewish identities.

  • Miranda Crowdus
    Assistant Professor, Religions and Cultures

    Alternative Judaism(s), Jewish Liturgy, Jewish Popular Culture, Ethnomusicology, Musicology, Cultural Studies, Cultural Heritage and Cultural Sustainability, Ethnography, Critical Gender Studies, Religious Phenomenology, Practice as Research
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