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Champagne Research Group

Atomic scale mechanical breakjunction Atomic scale mechanical breakjunction.

Nano-scale quantum electronics and mechanics

We specialize in:

  • Experimental nano-scale and mesoscopic physics,
  • Electron transport and heat transport in carbon, metallic and semiconducting systems,
  • Nano-resonators and sensors (NEMS) and
  • Quantum mechanics of strongly correlated electron systems.

Part of the widespread interest in nanometer-sized systems is motivated by their capability to combine and hybridize mechanical and electronic properties of materials at the nanoscale. The long term goals of our research are to understand at a fundamental level, and harness into applications, the interplays of structure, electronic degrees of freedom, and correlated electronic phases in nano and mesoscopic systems.

Four specific projects on which we are currently working are:

  1. Quantum electronic properties of nanosystems under strain;
  2. Heat transport in graphene (relativistic-like electrons);
  3. Nano-electro-mechanical sensors (NEMS) based on carbon nanotubes and graphene;
  4. Charge transport in defect-engineered silicon nanowires (Si-NWs).

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    Press coverage: featured in Science and Nature Nanotechnology and many other press releases.

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    Press coverage: featured in Physics

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    Press coverage: featured in Physics

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    Press coverage: featured in Nature Nanotechnology

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