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Analytical separations lab

We are at the forefront of capillary electrophoresis (CE) and have access to a broad variety of HPLC instruments in the lab.

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Laser spectroscopy facility

We have lasers for high resolution laser excited total luminescence, excitation, fluorescence lifetime measurements and more.

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Material characterization lab

Instrumentation includes polymer characterization techniques (GPC, VPO) and also DSC/TGA for thermal analysis.

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Microscopy and imaging facility

We deliver microscopy services and training on advanced scanning probe microscope and electron microscopy resources, with demonstrated resolution on the order of fractions of a nanometer.

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Nano material synthesis

Our various nanomaterial synthesis reactors are designed to enhance the ability to perform chemical reactions under controlled conditions on a laboratory scale.

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Spectroscopy laboratory

State-of-the-art instrumentations to detect, determine, and quantify the molecular and/or structural composition of samples in physical and analytical chemistry, with a focus on expertise in nanomaterials.

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Surface characterization facility

State-of-the-art instrumentation such as AFM/STM and imaging ellipsometer/Brewster angle microscope to investigate surfaces.

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