We deliver microscopy imaging services and training on advanced microscopes with demonstrated resolution on the order of fractions of a nanometer.

As a shared multi-user facility, CeNSR provides open access to the research infrastructure and expertise in microscopy to a wide range of users from Concordia university, other universities, and research centers, as well as to researchers from industry sectors at an affordable cost.

At the CeNSR, you can obtain the highest possible quality data using the highly developed, high-resolution Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM), Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM), and Scanning Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM).

Talos™ L120C (Scanning) Transmission Electron Microscope (STEM) for Materials Science with integrated EDS detector

Atomic Force Microscopy – Multimode 8HR with NanoScope

Cressington, 108 auto/SE Automatic Sputter Coater with Gold target, coupled with high-resolution thickness controller system

Phenom ProX SEM with EDS capability

Policies and procedures

Contact information

For all information regarding instrumentation, availability, training, and sample service please contact the CeNSR facility manager:

Nooshin Movahed, PhD
Email: nooshin.movahed@concordia.ca
Phone: 514-848-2424, ext. 2672
Office: 412 HU building – Richard J. Renaud Science Complex, 7141 Sherbrooke St. W.,
Montreal, Que., Canada, H4B 1R6


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