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Laser spectroscopy facility

0.75-metre double monochromator

With Stanford Research Systems SR 510 lock-in amplifier for near-infrared emission.


1-meter double monochromator

With Stanford Research Systems SR 400 photon counter for visible emission.


Polarization Interferometer

For real-time measurement of structural changes in atomic resolution.

Laser system

Including a titanium-sapphire laser (700-1000 nm), 6 W pump laser, CW tunable narrow-band dye laser with optics sets optimized for 560-730 nm with various accessories like laser power stabilizer and wavemeter.

Low-temperature Single Molecule Spectroscopy

Includes CCD detector, avalanche photodiode, liquid helium cryostat and a Jobin-Yvon 640 spectrograph. The spectrograph can also be used bulk fluorescence spectra measurements.

Miniaturized Laser
Flash Photolysis

Transient absorption spectrophotometer with capabilities to measure time resolved absorption changes from 30 ns to 10 s between 330-900 nm.

Various lasers

Lasers for high resolution laser excited total luminescence, excitation, fluorescence lifetime measurements, laser induced fluorescence line narrowing, time resolved site selection spectroscopy, and Raman spectroscopy at temperatures ranging from liquid helium temperature (4 K) to 500 K and excitation with wavelengths from the NIR to the ultraviolet.

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