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Analytical separations lab

capillary electrophoresis

Capillary Electrophoresis Instrument

Capillary electrophoresis allows for the separation and detection of minute amounts of sample flowing through a capillary via a combination of electroosmotic flow and electrophoretic mobilities. The most common detection method is UV absorbance.

capillary electrophoresis

Chromatographic Pumps and Detectors

Chromatographic pumps, like the High Performance Liquid Chromatography instruments, use the different intermolecular interaction s of an analyte over a solid stationary phase and a mobile liquid phase in order to separate complex samples. Common detection methods include UV absorbance and mass spectrometry.

capillary electrophoresis

Laser Induced Fluorescence Instrumentation

Laser induced fluorescence detection instrumentation uses lasers in order to selectively excite certain molecules using specific wavelengths of light. These excited molecules will decay back to a resting state and release photons, allowing for their detection.

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