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Access some of our research publications and theses. See also individual faculty members for recent publications specific to their research group.

  1. S. Behyan, D. Gritzalis, R. Schmidt, E. Kebede, L. A. Cuccia and C. DeWolf Structural Organization and Phase Behaviour of Meta-Substituted Dioctadecylaminobenzoquinones at the Air/Water Interface Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 2019, 21, 2345–2350. DOI
  2. G. A. Mandl, D. R. Cooper, T. Hirsch, J. Seuntjens and J. A. Capobianco Perspective: Lanthanide-Doped Upconverting Nanoparticles Methods and Applications in Fluorescence 2019, 7, 012004. DOI
  3. J. Manioudakis, F. Victoria, C. A. Thompson, L. Brown, M. Movsum, R. Lucifero and R. Naccache Effects of Nitrogen-Doping on the Photophysical Properties of Carbon Dots Journal of Materials Chemistry C 2019, 7, 853–862. DOI
  4. F. Yang, A. Skripka, M. S. Tabatabaei, S. H. Hong, F. Ren, A. Benayas, J. K. Oh, S. Martel, X. Liu, F. Vetrone and D. Ma Multifunctional Self-Assembled Supernanoparticles for Deep-Tissue Bimodal Imaging and Amplified Dual-Mode Heating Treatment ACS Nano 2019, 13, 408–420. DOI

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