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Access some of our research publications and theses. See also individual faculty members for recent publications specific to their research group.

  1. Bicalho HA, Donnarumma PR, Quezada-Novoa V, Titi HM, Howarth AJ. Remodelling a shp: Transmetalation in a Rare-Earth Cluster-Based Metal–Organic Framework. Inorganic Chemistry. 2021 Jul 27;60(16):11795-802. DOI
  2. Chacón-Huete F, Lasso JD, Szavay P, Covone J, Forgione P. Synthesis of 2, 5-Diaryl Nonsymmetric Furans C6-Platform Chemicals via Catalytic Conversion of Biomass and the Formal Synthesis of Dantrolene. The Journal of Organic Chemistry. 2020 Nov 30;86(1):515-24. DOI
  3. de Medeiros TV, de Oliveira Porto A, Bicalho HA, González JC, Naccache R, de Carvalho Teixeira AP. The effects of chemical and thermal exfoliation on the physico-chemical and optical properties of carbon nitrides. Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 2021. DOI
  4. Do JL, Titi HM, Cuccia LA, Friščić T. A new class of anionic metallohelicates based on salicylic and terephthalic acid units, accessible in solution and by mechanochemistry. Chemical Communications. 2021. DOI
  5. Donnarumma PR, Frojmovic S, Marino P, Bicalho HA, Titi HM, Howarth AJ. Synthetic approaches for accessing rare-earth analogues of UiO-66. Chemical Communications. 2021. DOI
  6. Esfahani AR, Sadiq Z, Oyewunmi OD, Tali SH, Usen N, Boffito DC, Jahanshahi-Anbuhi S. Portable, stable, and sensitive assay to detect phosphate in water with gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) and dextran tablet. Analyst. 2021;146(11):3697-708. DOI
  7. Gouda A, Manioudakis J, Naccache R, Soavi F, Santato C. 3D Network of Sepia Melanin and N‐and, S‐Doped Graphitic Carbon Quantum Dots for Sustainable Electrochemical Capacitors. Advanced Sustainable Systems. 2021 Jul 28:2100152. DOI
  8. Hase H, Berteau-Rainville M, Charoughchi S, Orgiu E, Salzmann I. Doping-related broadening of the density of states governs integer-charge transfer in P3HT. Applied Physics Letters. 2021 May 17;118(20):203301. DOI
  9. He M, Li X, Holmes NG, Li R, Wang J, Yin G, Zuo P, Sun X. Flame-Retardant and Polysulfide-Suppressed Ether-Based Electrolytes for High-Temperature Li–S Batteries. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2021 Aug 9;13(32):38296-304.
  10. He M, Li X, Li W, Zheng M, Wang J, Ma S, Ma Y, Yin G, Zuo P, Sun X. Immobilization and kinetic promotion of polysulfides by molybdenum carbide in lithium-sulfur batteries. Chemical Engineering Journal. 2021 May 1;411:128563.
  11. He M, Li X, Yang X, Wang C, Zheng ML, Li R, Zuo P, Yin G, Sun X. Realizing Solid‐Phase Reaction in Li–S Batteries via Localized High‐Concentration Carbonate Electrolyte. Advanced Energy Materials. 2021 Aug;11(31):2101004.
  12. Hu X, Jazani AM, Oh JK. Recent advances in development of imine-based acid-degradable polymeric nanoassemblies for intracellular drug delivery. Polymer. 2021 Jul 14:124024. DOI
  13. Jazani AM, Shetty C, Movasat H, Bawa KK, Oh JK. Imidazole‐Mediated Dual Location Disassembly of Acid‐Degradable Intracellular Drug Delivery Block Copolymer Nanoassemblies. Macromolecular Rapid Communications. 2021 May 29:2100262. DOI
  14. Liczner C, Mandl GA, Maurizio SL, Duke K, Capobianco JA, Wilds CJ. Synthesis and fundamental studies of a photoresponsive oligonucleotide-upconverting nanoparticle covalent conjugate. Materials Chemistry Frontiers. 2021. DOI
  15. Liu J, Lu Z, Chen Z, Rimoldi M, Howarth AJ, Chen H, Alayoglu S, Snurr RQ, Farha OK, Hupp JT. Ammonia Capture within Zirconium Metal–Organic Frameworks: Reversible and Irreversible Uptake. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2021 Apr 22;13(17):20081-93. DOI
  16. Liu D, Jin Y, Dong X, Liu L, Jin D, Capobianco JA, Shen D. Low-Temperature-Induced Controllable Transversal Shell Growth of NaLnF4 Nanocrystals. Nanomaterials. 2021 Mar;11(3):654. DOI
  17. Liu D, Xu X, Du Y, Liao J, Wen S, Dong X, Jin Y, Liu L, Jin D, Capobianco JA, Shen D. Reconstructing the Surface Structure of NaREF4 Upconversion Nanocrystals with a Novel K+ Treatment. Chemistry of Materials. 2021 Mar 22;33(7):2548-56. DOI
  18. Liu JT, Jaunky DB, Larocque K, Chen F, Mckibbon K, Sirouspour M, Taylor S, Shafeii A, Campbell D, Braga H, Piekny A. Design, structure-activity relationship study and biological evaluation of the thieno [3, 2-c] isoquinoline scaffold as a potential anti-cancer agent. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters. 2021 Aug 18:128327. DOI
  19. Liu X, Ye Z. Nitroaromatics as High‐Energy Organic Cathode Materials for Rechargeable Alkali‐Ion (Li+, Na+, and K+) Batteries. Advanced Energy Materials. 2021 Jan;11(4):2003281. DOI
  20. Liu X, Vadiyar MM, Oh JK, Ye Z. Designing Ultrasmall Carbon Nanospheres with Tailored Sizes and Textural Properties for High-Rate High-Energy Supercapacitors. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. 2021 Jul 7;13(28):32916-29. DOI
  21. Macairan JR, de Medeiros TV, Gazzetto M, Villanueva FY, Cannizzo A, Naccache R. Elucidating the mechanism of dual-fluorescence in carbon dots. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 2022 Jan 15;606:67-76. DOI
  22. Manjunath M, Yan J, Youn Y, Drucker KL, Kollmeyer TM, McKinney AM, Zazubovich V, Zhang Y, Costello JF, Eckel-Passow J, Selvin PR. Functional analysis of low-grade glioma genetic variants predicts key target genes and transcription factors. Neuro-oncology. 2021 Apr;23(4):638-49. DOI
  23. Marino P, Donnarumma PR, de Aguiar Bicalho H, Quezada-Novoa V, Titi HM, Howarth AJ. A Step Towards Change: A Green Alternative for the Synthesis of Metal–Organic Frameworks. Maurizio SL, Tessitore G, Krämer KW, Capobianco JA. BaYF5: Yb3+, Tm3+ Upconverting Nanoparticles with Improved Population of the Visible and Near-Infrared Emitting States: Implications for Bioimaging. ACS Applied Nano Materials. 2021 May 19. DOI
  24. Messina C, Ottenwaelder X, Forgione P. Programmed Synthesis of Tetra-Aryl Thiophenes with Stepwise, Ester-Controlled Regioselectivity. Organic Letters. 2021 Sep 10. DOI
  25. Nellepalli P, Patel T, Oh JK. Dynamic Covalent Polyurethane Network Materials: Synthesis and Self‐healability. Macromolecular Rapid Communications. 2021 Aug 21:2100391. DOI
  26. Nieto-Zambrano S, Ramos-Ramίrez E, Morales FT, Boffito DC, Naccache R, Ortega NL, Litter MI, Cipagauta-Dίaz S, Barbosa-López AL. ZnAl hydrotalcites modified with nanocomposites nZVI–PAA for environmental remediation. Journal of Materials Research and Technology. 2021 Sep 1;14:2243-56. DOI
  27. Noun F, Jury EA, Naccache R. Elucidating the Quenching Mechanism in Carbon Dot-Metal Interactions–Designing Sensitive and Selective Optical Probes. Sensors. 2021 Jan;21(4):1391. DOI
  28. Nsubuga A, Mandl GA, Capobianco JA. Investigating the reactive oxygen species production of Rose Bengal and Merocyanine 540-loaded radioluminescent nanoparticles. Nanoscale Advances. 2021;3(5):1375-81. DOI
  29. Nguyen NT, Xia M, Duchesne PN, Wang L, Mao C, Jelle AA, Yan T, Li P, Lu ZH, Ozin GA. Enhanced CO2 photocatalysis by indium oxide hydroxide supported on TiN@TiO2 nanotubes. Nano Letters. 2021 Jan 25;21(3):1311-9.
  30. Quezada-Novoa V, Titi HM, Sarjeant AA, Howarth AJ. Building a shp: A Rare-Earth Metal–Organic Framework and Its Application in a Catalytic Photooxidation Reaction. Chemistry of Materials. 2021 May 27;33(11):4163-9. DOI
  31. Safiabadi Tali SH, LeBlanc JJ, Sadiq Z, Oyewunmi OD, Camargo C, Nikpour B, Armanfard N, Sagan SM, Jahanshahi-Anbuhi S. Tools and techniques for severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)/COVID-19 detection. Clinical Microbiology Reviews. 2021 May 12;34(3):e00228-20. DOI
  32. Singh Z, Donnarumma PR, Majewski MB. Molecular Copper (I)–Copper (II) Photosensitizer–Catalyst Photoelectrode for Water Oxidation. Inorganic Chemistry. 2020 Sep 10;59(18):12994-9. DOI
  33. Song Y, Lu M, Mandl GA, Xie Y, Sun G, Chen J, Liu X, Capobianco JA, Sun L. Energy migration control of multi‐modal emissions in an Er3+ doped nanostructure toward information encryption and deep learning decoding. Angewandte Chemie. 2021 Sep 3. DOI
  34. Tang Y, Jean M, Pourebrahimi S, Rodrigue D, Ye Z. Influence of lignin structure change during extrusion on properties and recycling of lignin‐polyethylene thermoplastic composites. The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering. 2021 Jan 13. DOI
  35. Trempe A, Levenberg A, Ortega AD, Lujan MA, Picorel R, Zazubovich V. Effects of Chlorophyll Triplet States on the Kinetics of Spectral Hole Growth. The Journal of Physical Chemistry B. 2021 Mar 25;125(13):3278-85. DOI
  36. Yan X, Kumar K, Miclette Lamarche R, Youssef H, Shaw GS, Marcotte I, DeWolf CE, Warschawski DE, Boisselier E. Interactions between the cell membrane repair protein S100A10 and phospholipid monolayers and bilayers. Langmuir. 2021 Aug 2;37(32):9652-63. DOI
  37. Yue R, Raisi B, Rahmatinejad J, Ye Z, Barbeau B, Rahaman MS. A photo-Fenton nanocomposite ultrafiltration membrane for enhanced dye removal with self-cleaning properties. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 2021 Dec 15;604:458-68. DOI
  38. Zhang G, Patel T, Nellepalli P, Bhagat S, Hase H, Jazani AM, Salzmann I, Ye Z, Oh JK. Macromolecularly Engineered Thermoreversible Heterogeneous Self‐Healable Networks Encapsulating Reactive Multidentate Block Copolymer‐Stabilized Carbon Nanotubes. Macromolecular Rapid Communications. 2021 May 14:2000514. DOI

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