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Summer Programs and Extracurricular Activities

In what follows you will find a list of some summer programs, awards and internship opportunities related to Physics in Canada and elsewhere and available to Concordia students.

Various Fields
Biomedical physics and biomedical engineering
Particle physics
Quantum Computing
Opportunities in the United States (mostly for United States citizens)

Concordia students have at their disposal many opportunities for them to develop professional skills and have hands-on experiences that will help them become competitive members of the workforce. In what follows you will find a list of communities within Concordia that have extracurricular activities.

Student led
Concordia led

In what follows you will find a list of organizations that actively represent and advocate for certain students groups within Concordia. They also promote social events and organize academic activities.


Some annual events related to physics are listed below. Students that will present posters or papers at academic conferences can receive financial support by applying to the Student Conference Travel Support from the Faculty of Arts and Science.

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