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  • Juliana España Keller
    Lecturer, ARTT: The Body, Arts and the State, Intermedia (Video, Performance Art, Sound and Electronic Arts), Painting and Drawing, Studio Arts

    Feminist New Materialism, Posthumanities, Posthuman Knowledge, Social Sciences & Visual Arts Critical Theory
  • Tatiana Koroleva
    Part-time Professor, Studio Arts

Cross-Listed Appointment

  • Ingrid C Bachmann
    Professor, Studio Arts

    continge, embodiment, senses, generativity, media arts, participation, audience, interactivity, installation, digital technologies, human body, organ transplants, art practice, kinetic, sculpture, installation, drawing, art medicine, art and technology, transdisciplinary, automata
  • Hannah Claus
    Assistant Professor, Studio Arts

  • Nadia Myre
    Assistant Professor, Studio Arts

    contemporary art, Indigenous Art, research-creation, art practice, Indigenous Peoples, visual arts, Indigenous knowledges, decolonization, Algonquin, cultural continuity, transcultural objects, cultural identity, sculpture, installation, video, public art, beadwork, photography, fibres, performance art, experimental theatre

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