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Photo Courtesy of David Lewis
David Lewis took this photo of Northern Electric's former factory in Point Saint Charles as part of a research project into the politics of urban change in Montreal. Like many former sites of production, this massive factory -- said to be the largest brick building in Canada - is being converted into condominiums.

The Department of History’s teaching and research strengths lie in numerous areas of Canadian, European, United States, Latin American, Caribbean, Asian, Middle Eastern, and African history. In addition to geographical coverage, Concordia’s History Department also provides temporal and thematic breadth, from medieval to modern history, on themes as varied as film in history, gender, imperial and post-colonial history, the history of peace and war, and environmental history, to name but a few. The Department also offers the first undergraduate program in Public History in Canada, as well as courses dealing with Genocide and Human Rights Studies and Law & Society. The Department is also home to two centres and one institute that offer an academically rich environment for graduate students and provide an important service to the community.

Research themes

  • Law and Society
  • Gender and Sexuality
  • War and Peace
  • Science and Environment
  • Public History and Memory
  • Media and Popular Culture
  • Genocide and Human Rights
  • Transnationalism and Empire
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