Educational Technology (MA)

Master of Arts (MA)

Program overview

The MA in Educational Technology prepares you for a career as a designer and developer of instructional and educational materials. Graduates work with technology in educational settings, and act as performance consultants for a variety of teaching organizations. Students will learn how to assess needs and identify the cause of performance gaps in educational technology. You will design and implement instructional programs and evaluate the outcomes of these programs. The objective of the discipline is to facilitate learning and improve performance by creating and managing appropriate technological resources. Course-related projects include partnerships with start-ups, NGOs, corporations, schools and universities. An internship option is available. With a wide network of private, non-profit and government partners to choose from, you will be able to tailor your work environment to your specific interests.

Note: The Educational Technology degree does not provide the qualifications needed to teach in elementary and high schools in Quebec. To earn teaching qualifications from a Concordia program, apply to one of these BA programmes: (a)  Early Childhood and Elementary Education, (b) Teaching English as a Second Language, or (c) Art Education.

Program details

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