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Student Resource Centre

Located on the sixth floor of the Faubourg Building (FG Building), the Student Resource Centre serves the needs of the students in the Department of Education. One of the goals of the centre is to foster a community of life-long learning and collaboration across programs and curricula.

The centre was established in 1992 through a bequest of the late Francis Friedman, a professor in the Educational Technology Program in the Department of Education from 1969 to 1983. Professor Friedman was known for her interest in advancing students’ learning and the resource centre serves as her legacy.

Over the years, the centre has been more than a resource library for the graduate students of the Department of Education. It also serves as a place to discuss key issues and to learn from others and a place to relax.


We welcome all students in the Department of Education volunteer at centre. Centre volunteers try their best to keep the place open, fully functional and as beneficial as possible to the students of the Department of Education.

Who are the volunteers?

Our volunteers are graduate students from all five programs of the Department of Education: Applied Linguistics; Child Studies; Educational Studies; Educational Technology and PhD Program.

What are the responsibilities of the volunteers?
  • Respect and promote centre spirit
  • Be punctual and regular in attendance (2h/shift)
  • Notify the manager if you are late for or unable to keep the schedule
  • Follow the Centre Volunteer Guide
How to sign up to volunteer?

At the beginning of every fall and winter semester, a new Centre volunteering schedule will be sent to all graduate students in the Department of Education through email. Choose a time slot and sign up by following the instruction in the email.

What are the benefits of being a centre volunteer?

Apart from access to all the centre's services, the benefits of being a volunteer include:

  • Key access to the centre's rooms 24h/7 days a week
  • Up to date information on readings, courses, and upcoming events in the Department
  • A chance to get to know your fellow students

Resources you can find at the centre

  • Internship reports of educational technology graduates
  • Relevant readings of all five programs of the Department of Education
  • Centre volunteers are available to answer your questions
  • A computer
  • Fridge, kettle, coffee, tea and snacks
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