PhD program advantages

Six ways the Education Doctoral Program at Concordia benefits its students and graduates:

Concordia University, whose Department of Education is among the top-ranked in the world, offers a broad-based doctoral degree in education that prepares students for positions in academia, educational leadership, research, policy formulation, and consulting.

Like all PhD programs, ours is a research degree. The primary emphasis of this program is preparing students to conduct their own research—a dissertation—in such a way that the study will withstand the most rigorous of peer reviews.

Our doctoral program offers an interdisciplinary approach, which provides exposure to the breadth of the field of education while also offering the opportunity to specialize in an area of interest.

Education itself is an interdisciplinary field—drawing on, and contributing to—many fields, including (1) social sciences, such as psychology and sociology; (2) humanities such as philosophy and history; and (3) the design and application of technology, such as human factors and social media.

Our program exposes students to four key branches of the field of education:
  • Applied Linguistics
  • Child Studies
  • Educational Studies
  • Educational Technology


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