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Our graduates are highly sought after by school boards, daycares, government, health and social agencies, human resource departments and the business community, as well as other universities and educational institutions.

How our graduates have fared

Although Concordia launched the Education Doctoral Program in 2008, this program builds on the 25-year tradition of a previous PhD program in Educational Technology.

Because of the similarity among those programs, the post-graduation experiences of students in the earlier program can provide some insights into the likely post-graduation experiences of those entering the Education Doctoral Program.

Graduates of that program are working as:

  • Academic faculty, at universities in the U.S., South America, and Asia
  • Education leaders in ministries of education, universities, schools, and policy organizations including positions in senior administration, faculty development, e-learning development and administration
  • Consultants specializing in workplace learning, educational policy, and school curriculum
  • Leaders in nonprofit organizations and NGOs, government agencies, and corporations.
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