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Job and internship opportunities outside of Concordia

This page presents some of the Canadian government programs for student recruitment or employment following graduation that require an academic background in economics, as well as some private sector opportunities. These resources were put together based on a search done on August 26, 2021. As this page is not affiliated with any of the employers listed below, please make sure to go directly to the job postings or program page for up-to-date information. Questions? Write to

Note: The Canadian government gives preference to veterans and to Canadian citizens, in that order. International students are welcome to apply, but must be aware of that preference.

  1. Set up alerts with the government agencies and private sector firms you are interested in. This will help you keep track of the offers available based on the criteria you choose. See: (GC Jobs) and placement Québec.
  2. Register to the FSWEP if you are interested in summer student jobs with the Government of Canada.
  3. La plate-forme vous permet de créér un profil de candidat et de voir de nombreuses offres de stage. Pour le moment, la plate-forme est disponible en français seulement.
  4. Many big recruitment campaigns are held in the fall for students graduating the following year. We can expect that some of those will be held online this year.
  5. Summer programs recruitment campaigns are usually announced in the Fall, with a deadline in early January.
  6. Create a LinkedIn page and keep it current; your network is a strong asset that you should leverage whenever you can. More info on the Career and Planning Services (CAPS) webpage.
  7. Do not limit yourself to following this guide! There are countless opportunities for jobs out there outside of the governmental agencies and private sector. LinkedIn is a good resource to see what's out there.
  8. Co-Op students: make sure to participate in the activities and events offered by the Institute for Co-operative Education! This makes the whole process much easier than looking for internships by yourself.
  9. PhD students: if you are looking for a job in academia, consult the Economics Job Market (EJM) and the JOE listings regularly.

Bank of Canada

Bank of Canada recruitment: open
The Bank of Canada is hiring recent graduates and students on a regular basis. Please consult their Job and internship opportunities page to see what's available.

Master’s Scholarship Award for Women in Economics and Finance: October 2021
For women looking at pursuing graduate studies in Economics or Finance. $10,000 for tuition and other related costs, combined with an offer of summer employment, internship, or term employment at the Bank.

Research Assistants program: October 2021
One-year contracts, with possibility of extension, for recent BA graduates. Recruitment is starting with information sessions  scheduled in September: please contact Émilie Martel at for more information.

Senior Economists: until all positions are filled
For PhD graduates. The Bank is hiring Senior Economists every year to conduct research. See the Bank's current research priorities here.  

Global Affairs Canada

Global Affairs recruitment: open
Global Affairs Canada is hiring on a regular basis. Please register to GC Jobs to get regular alerts on the jobs available.

Post-secondary recruitment campaign: now open
For recent post-secondary graduates. This page shows all programs available through the Government of Canada’s post-secondary recruitment campaign. You can see all postings there and find where you’d like to apply, but you must create a login.

Gouvernement du Québec

Emplois étudiants, dernière année d'études: ongoing
Le Gouvernement du Québec est aussi à la recherche de talent! Pour les étudiants à l'aise de travailler en milieu francophone et qui recherchent soit un emploi étudiant, soit un tremplin une fois diplômés. Deux postes sont présentement affichés pour les étudiants en sciences économiques : vous devez absolument créér un compte clicSÉQUR pour avoir accès aux affichages.

Government of Canada (multi-agency inventory)

Postdoctoral research program (PRP): open
Recent PhD graduates (no more than 3 years ago), or PhD students who have passed their comps and are ready to defend their thesis by December 2021. If successful, you will be added to an inventory accessible by the seven (7) governmental departments and agencies participating in the Postdoctoral Research Program.

Statistics Canada

Interviewers and analysts: October 31, 2021
For UG students or BA graduates; various roles currently posted. Apply through the GC Jobs site.

Analysis Group Inc.

Summer Analyst program: December 2021
For students in the last year before graduation. As an introduction to the analyst role, Analysis Group hires summer analysts into a robust 10- to 12-week internship program, generally the year before graduation.

Bombardier Aerospace

Careers at Bombardier: ongoing
Bombardier hires about 1,000 interns a year, and also offers a wide range of jobs for graduates. Economics graduates interested in project/program management, finance, and human resources should register to the job alerts.

EY Global

Careers at EY: ongoing
EY offers a wide range of opportunities jobs for students graduates. Economics graduates interested in project/program data management, financial markets development, core business services, and advisory services should register to the job alerts.

International Monetary Fund

Fund Internship positions (FIP): ongoing
For MA and PhD students. Interns are assigned cutting-edge research in macroeconomics or a related field (the exception being an internship in the IMF’s Legal Department), supervised by an IMF colleague.

National Bank

Mentorship Program for Women: ongoing
This program is designed for women interested in becoming investment advisors. Sign up for job alerts to be notified of the available opportunities.  

NBC recruitment: ongoing
Various requirements, depending on the posting. Sign up for job alerts to be notified of the available opportunities.  

TD Bank

MBA and Advanced Degrees program: ongoing
For MA, MBA, and PhD graduates. Business banking, Global Functions, Leadership Associate, TD Securities, Technology (IT).

Undergraduate development program: ongoing
For undergraduates. Business banking, Global Functions, Enterprise Associate, TD Securities, Technology (IT).

Bank of Canada

Master's Internship program: June 2022
For current MA students, postings in Ottawa.

PhD Internship program: 2022
For current PhD students, postings in Ottawa.

Department of Finance Canada

Economist and Policy Analyst Stream: October 2021
For recent MA and PhD graduates. Analysts conduct policy analysis and forecasts, perform research, and provide recommendations on a wide variety of public policy issues.

Economist, Doctoral Researcher Stream: November 2021
For recent PhD graduates, or current PhD students who have passed their comprehensive exams and will be ready to defend their thesis by the following year. Candidates must have done doctoral or post-doctoral research in one of the following fields: Macroeconomics/ Macroeconometrics; Public finance; Labour economics; Economics of innovation, research and development; Environmental economics; Financial markets.

Ecotrust Canada

Mitacs Accelerate, North Coast Innovation Lab: Spring 2022
For MA students. 4-month internship opportunity with the NCIL, which is a community-based social innovation lab. The goal of the NCIL is to work on ground-level initiatives to drive systems-level awareness of how to facilitate inclusive community economic development.

Government of Canada - general programs

Advanced Policy Analyst Program (APAP): November 2021
**Canadian citizens only!** For recent PhD graduates, or PhD students who have passed their comprehensive exams and are ready to defend their thesis by the following year. If successful, you will be added to an inventory accessible by the seven (7) governmental departments and agencies participating in the Postdoctoral Research Program.

Recruitment of Policy Leaders (RPL) Campaign: November 2021
For recent MA and PhD graduates. As a successful applicant, you’ll join a pool of talented and accomplished professionals, academics, scientists and thinkers.  

Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada

Federal Internships for Newcomers (FIN) program: May 2022
For BA, MA, and PhD graduates. This program offers eligible newcomers a chance to gain valuable temporary work experience and training opportunities with Canadian federal, provincial and municipal organizations. Jobs can be in administration, project support and management, policy and research, and in computer science.

National Defence

Policy Officer Recruitment Program: Fall 2021
** Canadian citizens only!** For MA and PhD graduates. Three-year training program, including 12-month working assignments and a combination of classroom and on-line training.

Natural Resources Canada

Policy Officer Recruitment Program (PARDP): October 2021
For MA and PhD graduates. The Policy Analyst Recruitment and Development Program (PARDP) is Natural Resources Canada's signature accelerated development program for Master's and Ph.D. graduates. Program participants learn how to effectively manage their careers and develop the skills and knowledge necessary to become leaders in policy.

Statistics Canada

Research Data Centres: September 2021
For recent BA, MA and PhD graduates. Positions available for Economists/Sociologists/Analysts. Every year, in which a need for new recruits is identified, vacancies are advertised through the Public Service Commission in September. During the recruitment campaign, Statistics Canada visits selected campuses across the country to make short presentations about the work and benefits of employment at Statistics Canada, and to meet with prospective candidates.

Treasury Board of Canada

Internal Audit Recruitment and Development (IARD) program: Fall 2022
For recent BA, MA and PhD graduates. Assets include: experience in data analytics, change management, facilitation/interviewing techniques, coding, database management, web design or machine learning applications.

Analysis Group Inc.

Summer Analyst program: December 2021
For students in the last year before graduation. As an introduction to the analyst role, Analysis Group hires summer analysts into a robust 10- to 12-week internship program, generally the year before graduation.

Analysts and Associates: depends on postings
For Co-op students and PhD graduates. Two career paths: Analyst (for undergraduate and graduate students) and Associate (for PhD graduates or future graduates).

International Monetary Fund

Economist Program (EP): November 2021
For PhD graduates or candidates, under 34 years of age when joining the IMF EP program. Recent Ph.D. graduates or Ph.D. candidates in areas such as monetary and international economics, public finance, financial markets, and related fields are encouraged to apply. Job posting available here.


Student Summer Program 2022: January 2022
This summer internship program is open to current students and to students graduating in 2021. Several postings are available, and students must be available for the duration of the program (May-September 2021).

National Bank

Financial Markets Rotation Program: Fall 2021
For recent graduates with a specialization in data science/analytics. A two-year program for participants to explore the Bank's different sectors. Since each rotation lasts 6 months, participants will spend time in 4 different teams. Register for job alerts to stay informed.


Amplify program, Toronto: October 2021
Students who will graduate between August 2022 and June 2023 with a post-secondary degree (from undergraduate to PhD). 3-month internship in small teams of students, working on a real business challenge identified by leaders across RBC. Assets: Programming, statistics/predictive modeling, data analysis skills.

Analyst program: September 2021
Dedicated to recent graduates. The program looks at academic excellence and extracurricular activities in the selection process. Recruitment in September and October, with onboarding in July.

Career Launch: January 2022
Dedicated to recent graduates. Three rotations over one year: branch office, charity, and head office. Must be aged 24 and under when applying.

Leadership Development Program: May 2022
Dedicated to recent graduates, 24 years old and younger. 1-year program design to launch the careers of recent graduates by having them work in various departments at the RBC (retail branch, charity, and home office).

New graduate Rotational Program: September 2021
Dedicated to recent graduates. 2-year program with four rotations, including opportunities abroad.

TD Bank

Undergraduate Associates program: Fall 2021
For undergraduate students interested in summer jobs or a first foot in the door. Business banking, Global Functions, and Enterprise Associate programs.

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