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Prove your legal status in Canada

To be eligible to pay Quebec Resident tuition rates you must prove that you are either a: 

Depending on your status, you must submit the following documents:  

Legal status in Canada: Required Document:
  1. You were born in Quebec
Quebec Birth Certificate issued by the Quebec Directeur de l'état civil with the mention "Certified" or "certifié conforme"
  1. You were born in Canada but not in Quebec
Canadian Birth Certificate
  1. You are a Canadian citizen born outside Canada
Certificate of Canadian Citizenship
(both sides)
  1. You are a Permanent Resident of Canada
Permanent Resident Card (both sides) or Confirmation of Permanent Resident status dated within the past 6 months or letter from IRCC confirming that you are now a Permanent Resident of Canada dated within the past 6 months.

If you are an international student you may not apply for Quebec Resident status but you may be eligible for an International fee exemption. For more information, please consult International fee exemptions.

If you were an international student and you have now officially become a Permanent Resident of Canada then please upload your Confirmation of Permanent Resident Status form or both sides of your Permanent Resident card and contact this email:  

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