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Health & safety abroad

Studying abroad can be an exciting and exhilarating experience!  If, along the way, you do need some support, Concordia has you covered!  The university offers a variety of services to facilitate your transition abroad. 


Before going abroad, it’s important to verify if you require any vaccines for the country/area in which you’ll be living. 

To verify which vaccines you may need for a specific country, please consult the Canadian vaccination website:

Concordia offers vaccination services. To find out if the ones you need are offered on campus, please visit Health Services.

Students should carry their vaccination booklets or proof of vaccination when travelling abroad. 


Students should ensure that they have sufficient quantities of any required medication prior to departing and that they have updated prescriptions for their time abroad.  For any questions regarding travelling abroad with prescription drugs, students should visit their host country’s consular website.


Students are strongly encouraged to obtain insurance while abroad. 

Find out what services are provided by Concordia.

Find out about what steps you need to take to be insured while abroad through the CSU.

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Safety & security abroad

Student safety is always a priority for Concordia, whether it be at home or abroad. There are certain things to keep in mind regarding safety while traveling.

Campus resources

Concordia Travel safety

Campus Safety and Prevention Services is available to registered Concordia students at all time, even while abroad, by dialing 514-848-3717 (students in need of assistance can reverse the charges when calling). Students are strongly encouraged to register their travel details. The link to submit travel details can also be found on the Student Hub's My CU Account page.

Government resources

The Canadian government has several resources available to Concordia students regarding safety abroad, including:

Counselling and support

It is normal for students to experience a variety of different emotions throughout the entire process of going abroad, whether it be prior to departure, during their time away, or upon returning home.

If at any time you feel the need for support while at Concordia, we invite you to contact Counselling and Psychological Services.

Students are encourage to make themselves aware, prior to departure, of what health and wellness services are available at their host universities and where to find them on campus.  If unsure, or if this information is unclear, students should contact their International Liaison Officer and they will be glad to assist in finding this information.

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