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Step 5 - Spectrum library submission

Concordia University’s Research Repository makes theses accessible online. When depositing a Concordia thesis, you agree to the Thesis Non-Exclusive Licence. You can find more information at the Copyright Guide for Thesis preparation.

Your final submission must be as follows:

  • Named as LastName_PhD_S2022 (for Spring) or LastName_PhD_F2022 (for Fall)
  • PDF/A format
  • Include your unsigned signature page
  • Include any corrections required by your examining committee and the Thesis Office

Your thesis will be reviewed by the Thesis Office and may be returned if it does not match the formatting requirements outlined in Step 1. If your submission is returned to you through Spectrum’s email notification system, you must correct your submission with the guided modifications and resubmit as soon as possible.

You will only be processed for graduation when all corrections are completed, and thesis is successfully deposited. After your final submission is approved, your Spectrum status will remain as “Under Review” and will be released once the graduation list is approved by convocation. You can verify whether or not your thesis was approved by the Thesis Office by reviewing the history on your submission on Spectrum.

Paper copies are not required by the Thesis Office; however, you should be advised if the department has its own requirement for bound paper copies (supervisor(s), departmental copy, etc.).

How to Prepare your Thesis for Submission to Spectrum

How to Deposit your Thesis on Spectrum


An approved embargo may be placed on the publication of the thesis in Spectrum. The deferment may be approved for up to two years. If an extension of more than two years is required, it may be renewed under exceptional circumstances, and with written justification to the Thesis Office. Check our Thesis Preparation Guide for more information.

Upon final submission of your thesis, you shall be deemed to have granted the University a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to reproduce, archive, preserve, conserve, communicate to the public by telecommunication or on the internet, loan, and distribute the thesis worldwide for non-commercial purposes, in any format. Please refer to the University’s Policy on Intellectual Property

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