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Applying for graduation

Students must apply to graduate

If you are in the last year of your program and expect to graduate, you must apply to graduate.

  • The deadline for students completing their program in the fall or winter term is January 15.
  • The deadline for students completing their program in the summer term is July 15.

Students apply to graduate through their My CU Account.

Your application

  • On the Academics tab of your Student Centre, select “Apply for Graduation”. Follow the steps to submit your application. 
  • You are required to pay the $46.25 graduation application fee. 
  • Once your graduation application is submitted, you will receive a confirmation letter with information on your application and next steps.

Clear your account

Check your account and be sure to pay any outstanding fees, including library fees. Students owing a balance will not have access to convocation registration. Consult Tuition and Financial Aid for more information. 

Late applications

Applying to graduate past the deadline will result in an additional fee that must be paid to obtain your diploma.

Additionally, if you are a potential graduate, applying for a final exam deferral may delay your graduation. If you have questions about exam deferrals, please contact

Checking your approval status

Your graduation approval status is posted in your My CU Account on the Student Hub. After you have applied to graduate, your status will remain as pending until your degree is conferred. 

  • If you completed your degree in the fall or winter terms, your status will remain pending until May 17.
  • If you completed your degree in the summer term, your status will remain pending until October or November.

Your degree conferral status will be added to your unofficial transcript: the status “Credential Awarded” will appear, followed by the confer date. If you do not see the Credential Awarded status, please contact Enrolment Services at 514-848-2424, ext. 2668.

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