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Pick-up by graduate

If you are attending your convocation, you will receive your diploma at the ceremony. If you are not attending the ceremony, you can present yourself to the Office of the Registrar 14 business days following the date of your scheduled ceremony.

You must present a government-issued ID or your Concordia ID to obtain your diploma. Photos of your ID will not be accepted.

Unclaimed diplomas

Graduates must obtain their original diploma within three years of graduating. All unclaimed diplomas will be destroyed after three years. Concordia does not keep copies of diplomas on file.

Pick-up by proxy (third-party pick-up)

In accordance with the Quebec Act Respecting Access to Documents Held by Public Bodies and the Protection of Personal Information, Concordia is required to obtain consent from current and former students in respect of requests for the release of personal information, including diplomas.

Steps to send a proxy on your behalf

  1. Complete and sign the Authorization To Pick Up a Diploma On Someone’s Behalf form.
  2. Upload the completed form to your Student Centre, using the Upload Document and selecting "Document type: Diploma Pick Up Authorization".
  3. Verify that the document is available in your Student Centre. It could take up to 24 hours to appear. Our staff must be able to see the document in your Student Centre to verify that you consent to the release of information.
  4. Once the document appears in your Student Centre, inform the third party who is picking up your diploma of their obligations, including:
    • Presenting a valid photo identification. Digital versions of indentifications are not accepted.
    • Presenting a printed copy of this completed and signed form.

Be certain the document appears prior to sending your proxy. In accordance with the Act, Concordia is not permitted to distribute diplomas unless the authorization form appears in the graduate's Student Hub.

Diploma mailing

Graduates may have their diplomas mailed at a cost. Mailing options start at $35.00 CAD. For options and details, consult the Diploma Mail-In Form. To have your diploma mailed, you must complete the form and return it by email, mail or fax, as outlined in the form.

Processing times for diplomas may take up to 10 business days.

Important: When sending your form by email, be sure to include a subject line, text in the body of the email and the attached form, to avoid getting blocked by our spam filters.

Certified copies of diploma

A certified copy of a diploma is a photocopy of the diploma which is certified as a true copy by Concordia. Certified copies can be obtained at the cost of $10.00 CAD per copy. The original diploma is required in order to make certified copies. 

Options to receive certified copies

  • By mail: Complete the Certified Copy of Concordia University Diploma Request form and mail it with the original diploma to the address provided on the form. 
  • In-person: Present yourself and your original diploma at the Office of the Registrar or the Birks Student Service Centre. Each copy is $10.00 CAD, payable by card.
  • By proxy: Individuals sent as a proxy must present a written, physical authorization letter stating they can submit the request on your behalf. Please include your full name and student ID as well as their full name. They must present government-issued photo ID along with the proxy letter.

Replacement diplomas

If your diploma gets lost or destroyed, or if you legally change your name and would like it to appear on your diploma, you may request a replacement. Replacement diploma fees start at $100.00 CAD. 

A replacement diploma is as equally valid and legal as the original diploma, however it is not identical to the original. The replacement diploma includes the phrase "replaces the original diploma issued to the recipient." It also includes the date that the replacement diploma was issued as well as the date that the original degree was conferred. 

Steps to receive your replacement diploma

  1. Follow the steps closely and complete the Application and Affidavit for Replacement Degree. 
  2. The affidavit portion of the form must be signed and stamped by a Commissioner of Oaths, a Justice of the Peace or a Notary Public in the city where you currently reside. The Birks Student Service Centre has Commissioners of Oaths on staff.
  3. If your legal name has changed, please include a double-sided copy of one of the following: a birth certificate (if you were born in Canada or the USA); a certificate of Canadian Citizenship; or, your permanent Resident Card.
  4. Select if you would like to pick-up your degree or if you would like to have the degree mailed (Mailing options start at $35.00 CAD).
  5. Submit the application by e-mail, fax or mail, as outlined in the application.
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