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Find answers to our most frequently asked questions and download the documents you need to submit your thesis.


Can my supervisor read, edit, or comment on my thesis before initial submission, or is he/she not allowed to help at all? 
Your supervisor must read, edit, and comment on your thesis before initial submission – this is a main responsibility of a supervisor. Your supervisor signs off approval on the thesis content and format at submission.

Do I have to choose my thesis examiners myself or can my supervisor help?
This should be done together with your supervisor.

Are there any months during which I cannot submit my initial thesis?

Are there any months during which I cannot have my defence?

Are there any months during which I cannot submit my final thesis?

Is there a minimum/maximum amount of time allowed between my initial thesis submission and defence?
The minimum is 6 weeks (not including university closure), because the examiners require time to review the thesis. There is no maximum, however you need to remain registered as a full-time student.

I need to get a letter confirming that I have fulfilled all requirements for my degree. How do I get this letter?
If you are requesting letters, you must have already submitted an application for graduation through your Student Centre.

I submitted my thesis on Spectrum, but it states my status as “Under Review;” when will the status change?
Your Spectrum status will remain “Under Review” and will be released once the graduation list is approved by the end of the convocation month.

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