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As part of its ongoing efforts to actively support the health of our students, Concordia has formed a committee to review how the university can further promote wellbeing as a prerequisite to academic success.

The mandate of the Student Health and Wellbeing Review Committee is to examine student health in well being in six areas:  

  1. The academic environment
  2. Concordia policies and practices that support student wellbeing
  3. On-campus support services related to health and wellbeing
  4. On-campus opportunities for student personal development (i.e. outside of classes)
  5. Campus spaces that promote health and wellbeing
  6. Opportunities for students to connect and interact on-campus

Committee members

  • Co-chair Lisa Ostiguy, Deputy Provost
  • Co-chair Gaya Arasaratnam, Director of Campus Wellness and Support Services
  • Erik Chevrier - CUPFA Representative
  • Josie Fomé  - Graduate Student Representative
  • Alexis Lahorra - Undergraduate Student Representative
  • Sophie Mailloux - Staff Representative
  • Geneviève Robichaud - CUFA  Representative
  • D'Arcy Ryan - Director of Recreation and Athletics

If you have any questions or would like more information on the review, please contact the office of the Deputy Provost at

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