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February 19 - 23, 2024

Join the CU Wellness team for a week of activities for self-reflection,
introspection and mind-body connection!

Schedule of events

Monday, February 19

Time and location: 2 – 3:30 p.m., online

Do you set excessively high standards for yourself? Are you overly critical of your performance and abilities? Are you very afraid of failure or of making mistakes? Do you measure your self-worth in terms of your achievements?

In this workshop, we will discuss the nature, causes, and consequences of perfectionism. You will be introduced to the emotional regulation systems driving perfectionism and their interaction with external influences. You will learn how to identify and soothe the perfectionistic self-critic by engaging in an exercise on self-compassionate motivation and a few other practices. You will be invited to reflect and explore your core values and ways to live in alignment with them.

Facilitator: Camila Velez, Psychotherapist

Time and location: 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m., EV-Atrium

Come de-stress and pet these superstars from Imagine Therapy Dogs!

Tuesday, February 20

Time and location: 12 – 1:30 p.m., online

This workshop will cover what assertiveness is and why it matters. We will reflect on the question: am I assertive? The workshop will cover the spectrum of behavioral styles, the consequences of passive and aggressive behavior, and strategies to help you set boundaries and act assertively.  

Facilitator: Ven Tomov, Psychotherapist, Couples and Family Therapist 

Time and location: 10:15 a.m. - 12:15 p.m., H-771

This interactive, informative and practical workshop focuses on strategies to thrive. Participants will be introduced to their 24-character strengths that make up what’s best about our personality. Character strengths are what's best in you and that make you feel happy, foster engagement, and help you solve problems. You will learn to identify your strengths and explore how to apply them to your learning.

Together, we will explore how to keep your brain active before, during, and after class to get the most out of your lecture notes.

Facilitator: Courtney MacDonald, Learning Specialist & Jewel Perlin, PhD, Psychologist 

Time and location: 1 - 2:30 p.m., online

In this workshop, you will learn what a healthy diet looks like and discover strategies to eat healthfully when you have little time to prepare food or a limited budget for grocery shopping.

Facilitator: Sandra Clermont-Pierre, Health Promotion Specialist

Wednesday, February 21

Time and location: 12 – 1:30 p.m., online

Are you always aiming for peak performance for your academic endeavours? Does the thought of midterms, papers and finals make your heart race? Do you tense up when studying or writing an exam? You may be experiencing academic stress or anxiety.

Join psychologists Jessica Tutino and Jade-Isis Lefebvre to recognize the signs of academic stress and implement practical skills to help you cope. In this online workshop, you will be able to normalize your experience with academic stress, practice evidence-based skills, and tailor a plan to help support you throughout the term.

Facilitator: Jade-Isis Lefebvre, PsyD & Jessica Tutino, PhD

Thursday, February 22

Surprise pop-up at the Zen Dens! Details to be announced...

Time and location: 3:30  – 4 p.m., EV-2.776 (behind EV Zen Den)

Accompanying her voice with singing bowls, a hand pan, ocean drum, flutes and other gentle instruments, Irene Feher will perform gentle soothing sounds that will bring you into a restful calm state.

To have the best experience for yourself and others around you we ask the following:

  • Please arrive 10-minutes before so you can make yourself comfortable before the sound bath begins.
  • Silence your phone and any devices you have with you.
  • Allow time in your schedule to stay for the full 30-minutes, and then allow yourself another 5-10 minutes of additional time afterwards so you can leave the space slowly and retain your state of calm.

Facilitator: Dr. Irene Feher

Friday, February 23

Time and location: 10 – 11 a.m., online

Join Concordia psychologist and yoga teacher Dr. Jade-Isis Lefebvre for an online movement-based class where you can tune into your body, calm your mind, and feel strong and empowered while building inner compassion. This class can help prepare you for upcoming academic and personal endeavors, decrease feelings of stress, boost your mood, vitalize you, and apply compassionate movement into your life.

Jade will check in with you at the beginning of the class and tailor the class to your needs based on 3 options available to you:

  1. A slow soothing stretch and core class
  2. A full-body, sweaty, low-impact sculpt
  3. Yoga class

What you will need for this class:

  • Yoga mat/2lb hand weights or home alternative like cans 

This class can help prepare you to decrease feelings of stress, boost your mood, vitalize you, and apply compassionate movement into your life.

Facilitator: Jade-Isis Lefebvre, Psychologist, Wellness Counsellor and Yoga Teacher 

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