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MDes students 2021-2022

Meet some of our students from the 2021-2022 cohort

Pooyan Alizadeh

Santosh Kale 

Santosh Kale is an interaction designer and communication designer, who has worked in VFX, gaming, broadcasting and advertising industries. He is a partner of Underground Worm and completed various projects with clients such as Warner Brother channel, Nat Geo, Sony, MTV, Channel V, Discovery, Cartoon Network, Pogo, Star News, Star Sports, BBC, AXN, Bindass, UTV, TCM, Google Cloud, Xseed Education, Seeds India, Chrome Pictures, Top Story, Star Action, Nick, 9X, UNESCO and Triennale di Milano. 

His films have been selected for the Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival (France), Film Festival at Hera Gallery, (USA), 6th Tehran International Animation Festival, (Iran), SIGGRAPH Asia-India Focus, (Singapore), Anifest, (India), Annecy International Film Festival, (France), Annecy International Film Festival- India Focus, (France), ANIMA, (Belgium), Melbourne International Animation Festival, (Australia), Annecy International Film Festival, (France), 9th Wiesbaden International Animation, (Germany).

The focus is to start a social enterprise by using the practical knowledge of various industries- to blend it with design research for mental health and cancer awareness. He has a master's in Computer Art (Filmmaking) from Savannah College of Art and Design, GA, USA. 

Portfolio links: 

Pooyan Alizadeh

Mahla Mohammad Nia 

Mahla Mohammad Nia, a CG Artist and 3D Artist with a specialized focus on Architecture Design (Interior & Exterior), Landscape, and Urban Design. In her role as a 3D Architectural and Environmental Visualizer, Mahla has cultivated success through a rich skill set that spans interior and exterior design, project simulation, animation, landscaping, urban studies, and virtual reality. Beyond technical proficiency, she is driven by an unwavering commitment to personal and collective growth, consistently seeking opportunities to contribute valuable insights that foster positive change and impact interdisciplinary outcomes.

With a wealth of experience, Mahla served as a university lecturer for seven years in her country in Iran, sharing her knowledge and passion for design with aspiring minds. Her professional journey includes impactful roles as a designer in architecture, landscaping and urban firms, and she currently thrives as a freelancer, bringing her creative expertise to diverse projects.

Seeking to deepen her understanding of design in one of the best educational environments, Mahla joined Concordia University for her master's studies. In this academic pursuit, she focuses on Sustainability Design in Architecture and Urban Studies, reflecting her commitment to creating spaces that harmonize with the environment and contribute to a sustainable future.


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