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MDes students 2020-2021

Meet some of our students from the 2020-2021 cohort

Pooyan Alizadeh

Juliette Duhe

I bend, twist, curve, and lift letters, as an independent graphic and type designer since 2018.

Grounded in the principles of concrete poetry and asemic writing, my vision of typography extends beyond conventional boundaries, exploring visual abstraction and elaborate compositions with creative freedom.

Embracing historical and subcultural resources of handwriting heritage, from medieval alphabets to graffiti, my typefaces replay manual characteristics in a reproducible form. The letters exist as sophisticated shapes and analog typefaces, redefining their role as subversive objects and powerful tools of expression.

Collaborators: Fonts In UseVelvetyneFlint*ypeBADASS LIBRE FONTS BY WOMXNFonderie DarlingCentre PHIAnteism Books
Typefaces: 60°874 gramsTaganga
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