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Photography: A lens on identity, immigration and representation

Roloff Beny Foundation Fellowship in Photography
April 21, 2023

A black and white portrait of the artist in low light and a soft spotlight under his eye. Ayodele Mzilikazi is the 2022 recipient of the $10,000 Roloff Beny Foundation Fellowship in Photography.

Following an undergraduate degree in photography from Concordia, Ayodele Mzilikazi, BFA 21, is now pursuing his master’s in the same field.

An aspiring fine-arts photographer, Mzilikazi’s studio-research practice focuses on portrait photography, with recent explorations in video portraiture.

His work often centres on representation of the Black diaspora, identity, immigration and cultural autobiography.

Mzilikazi was also the recipient of the Lande Award in Photography in 2021.

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A group of several family members stand and smile under a patio roof covering “Family Portrait”
Viewed in profile, an old man wiped his face with a towel “Grandpa”
A black and white close-up of an old woman's hand; on her middle finger is a ring “Grandma hands”
Seen from below are two sign post that say Rue Bergevin and Oblats “Heights - Intersection”

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