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Photography: Extraction

Tanea Hynes is the 2021 recipient of the $10,000 Roloff Beny Foundation Fellowship in Photography
April 13, 2022

Tanea Hynes is a master’s student in Concordia’s Department of Studio ArtsPhotography program. Her work tells the intimate story of the place of the individual within a relentless and unforgiving extraction industry. Her closeness to extractive mining in Labrador City has given her a unique, incisive perspective of the industry and the community that developed around it.

Hynes is a third-generation open-pit mine worker, self-identified socialist and woman of colonial-settler ancestry. Her works take an autobiographical and documentary approach to focus on the complex nature of extractive industries and the place of corporations within small, isolated towns. Through her images and works of various media, Hynes intends to build an intimate personal map of survival as a young woman, a hopeless romantic and a worker under late-stage capitalism.

“More like a Machine”
Still from "Spider's silk," experimental short film
"Ross Bay"

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