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EricTschaeppeler, Kim,Candi,Joyce, 2018

Why pursue an MFA in Photography?

Artistic photography moves beyond mere representation to convey an image in accordance with the artist’s vision. Photographs can manifest emotions, dispute societal narratives or provide alternative views of reality. Now more than ever, we need practicing and emerging artist-researchers to produce bodies of work that value the importance of critical inquiry and rely heavily on intellectual exchange.

The MFA in Studio Arts, Photography concentration, enables you to expand your skills in fine art photography and develop your voice as an artist. Our acclaimed faculty of researchers and photographic artists will provide critical feedback on your work and guidance on how to navigate the art world. These hands-on experiences effectively prepare all third-year graduate students to create their own professional-level exhibition within a public forum.

Benefit from cutting-edge facilities that promote both analogue and digital processes. Our resources and individualized technical support allow students to work across specialties and sizes, including large-scale photographic prints. Past students have developed expertise in colour photography, black and white photography, installation and photography, sculpture and photography, and documentary.

Student work

Eric Tschaeppeler, Jordan, 2019

Katia Gosselin, 2022

OK Pedersen, Paper Monuments

KatiaGosselin, 2022g

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