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Drama: Book Club by Zoe Marner

Gabriel Safdie Undergraduate Creative Writing Award for Drama
November 19, 2021

Zoe Marner is the 2020-21 winner of the Gabriel Safdie Award in Creative Writing for Drama.

The following is excerpted from a longer work.

Book Club

RAQUEL walks in.

SINEAD is displeased.

MIRELLA: Hi love, how are you?

RAQUEL: Hey, I’m alright.

MIRELLA: We were just talking about Wuthering Heights.

RAQUEL: I didn’t have time. I’m working on this piece for the fibre arts festival.


Or I guess I did have time. I just couldn’t—


SINEAD: Do you want a drink?

RAQUEL: Yeah, I’ll just get an extra glass.

MIRELLA waves down the SERVER while pointing to her glass.

SINEAD: Which do you want?

The SERVER brings an extra glass.

RAQUEL: (to SERVER) Thank you.

SERVER exits. RAQUEL examines both bottles.

I’ll go with this. (She reaches for the Sauvignon Blanc.)

SINEAD: Not you too.

RAQUEL: What? It’s for Irsa.

MIRELLA: That’s what I said.

SINEAD notices RAQUEL’s white shirt that says “Si tu n’agis pas, qui agira?” under her jacket.

SINEAD: Why are you wearing that?

RAQUEL: Crazy right? I just found it.

SINEAD: Where did you find it?

RAQUEL: It was with my other university stuff, buried under my textbooks.

MIRELLA: What’s so special about the shirt?

SINEAD: It’s just old.

RAQUEL: Sinead and I got matching ones in Aix. MIRELLA: You two wore matching shirts?

RAQUEL: Yeah! We thought we were the coolest.

SINEAD: We were so embarrassing.

RAQUEL: It was humiliating even.

SINEAD and RAQUEL share a giggle. SINEAD catches herself.

MIRELLA: What does it mean?

RAQUEL: If you don’t act, who will act.


RAQUEL: Like take action, usually it’s about political agitation but it depends on the context. It works for all kinds of situations. For me it’s like, you need to stand for something. If you don’t look out for people, you’re the problem too. Rock the boat, or things will only get worse.

MIRELLA: Sinead, where’s yours?

SINEAD: I lost it.


RAQUEL: Such a shame.

MIRELLA: Anyway, it’s cute.

RAQUEL: Thanks.


Mirella, what’d you think of the book?

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