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Walking Kailash with contribution by Dr. Rebecca Duclos

Book contribution

Dr. Rebecca Duclos and David K. Ross. In Walking Kailash: An Invitational Project by Katarina Weslien. 2021.


Walking Kailash: An Invitational Project by Katarina Weslien

As a collaborative duo, Dr. Duclos and her partner—artist David K. Ross—responded to Katarina Weslien’s request to participate in her project Walking Kailash. Her exhibition and book brought together three long-term investigations that instantiated her abiding interest in symbolic systems of meaning-making within and beyond spiritual traditions. The organizing elements included interaction with water—specifically the Ganges River in India and its sources, and mountain lakes in Tibet—rendered through deliberate and radical shifts of attention to overlooked or invisible dimensions of materiality. 


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