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Student profile

Rodrigo D'Alcântara

Rodrigo de Alcântara Barros Bueno is a visual artist, film/video-maker and PhD student in the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Art History at Concordia University (Montreal, CA). His doctoral studies are supported by Concordia University Graduate Fellowship and Concordia International Tuition Award of Excellence. He holds a Master degree in Visual Arts from the School of Fine Arts of Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and a Bachelor degree in Plastic Arts from the University of Brasília (Brazil) - with an exchange term in the Los Andes University (Colombia). Rodrigo's works have been screened internationally, in countries such as Austria, Brazil, Belgium, Chile, Germany, Greece, Italy, among others.

His research will analyze the concepts and imagery that have been perpetuated through Western Art History and have contributed in maintaining a colonial structure in contemporary times. He sheds light on recent contemporary art movements that have been created through the subversion of hegemonic historicity, such as Latin and Afro Futurism. Rodrigo feels that the Concordia Art History department’s strong alignment with a counter-hegemonic perspective offers as a stimulating environment in which to develop his thesis project.

Thesis Title: Dissident Present - Art between utopia and dystopia

Supervisors: Dr. John Potvin &  Dr. May Chew

Research Interests:

  • Brazilian Contemporary Art 
  • Latin American Futurisms
  • Counter-hegemonic Studies
  • Iconology
  • Video-art
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