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Student profile

Marie Ferron-Desautels

Marie Ferron-Desautels is a PhD Candidate in the Interuniversity Doctoral Program in Art History at Concordia University. Her thesis examines how British women collaborated with professional etchers and publishers as amateur designers of caricatures in the late eighteenth century. Her doctoral research uncovers a corpus of overlooked satirical prints and aims to produce the first study entirely dedicated to women caricaturists in eighteenth-century Britain. Marie completed her MA at UQAM with a thesis focusing on the Scottish watercolourist Katherine Jane Ellice (1812-1864). She has previously worked as a Research Assistant for the Équipe de recherche en histoire de l'art au Québec (ÉRHAQ), as well as for the project Histoire des ateliers d’artistes au Québec (1800-1980) : typologie, fonctions, représentations. She has also worked at Concordia University as a Teaching Assistant.

Thesis Title: Women Designing Caricatures in Late Eighteenth-Century Britain: (re)Claiming Authorship

Supervisors: Dr. Kristina Huneault and Dr. Dominic Hardy

Research Interests:

  • Satirical Prints
  • Caricature
  • 18th Century Art
  • British Art
  • Women Artists
  • Gender Studies

Teaching Assistantships:

FASS293 Sexual Representation in the Arts, Matthew-Robin Nye
ARTH349 Studies in the History of Print: Printing the Early Modern World, Dr. Victoria Addona
ARTH300 Art Historical Methods, Dr. John Potvin

Research Assistanships:

Histoire des ateliers d’artistes au Québec (1800-1980) : typologie, fonctions, représentations, UQAM, Laurier Lacroix. 

Publications, conferences and exhibitions:

email : marie.ferron-desautels@mail.concordia.

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