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Student profile

Margaret Lapp

Margaret Lapp is a graduate student in the MA in Art History program at Concordia University, currently based in Tiohtià:ke/Montréal with gratitude to the Kanien’kehá:ka Nation. She holds a BA in History and Psychology from Dalhousie University, alongside credits in Art History from the Nova Scotia College of Art & Design, University of Victoria and Concordia. Margaret's research contemplates the social potential for art to transform human experience; in particular, how artists might intervene and enlighten those places, patterns and circumstances influential to our daily life—the routes we walk along, the buildings we pass by, our habitual movement through urban spaces and the ways we engage with each other. 

Thesis Title: Reimagine, Reconstitute, Resurface: Surveying the Significance of Walking-As-Art Practice

Supervisor: D. Rebecca Duclos

Research Interests:

  • Artist Interventions in Public Space
  • Spatial Agency
  • History of Women Artists
  • Technology and Performance Art
  • Aesthetic Theory
  • Urban Design and Placemaking
  • Participatory Art
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