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Student profile

Grace Day

Grace (she/her) is a current MA student in Art History at Concordia University. She is from Kjipuktuk/Halifax, Nova Scotia and received her BA in 2022 from the University of King's College with Combined Honours in Early Modern Studies and English, as well as a Certificate in Art History and Visual Culture from Dalhousie University. Grace's undergraduate thesis examined self-portraits of Early Modern Italian women and how they were used to establish artistic identities within a discipline dominated by men and also comment on the gendered expectations and standards placed upon women. For her MA thesis, Grace plans to continue examining the self-portraits of Early Modern women and consider how self-representation changes throughout an artist's lifetime. She will look at visible shifts in self-perception and how women artists grappled with the unrelenting process of aging through self-portraits.

Working Thesis Title: TBD

Supervisor: Dr. Steven Stowell

Research Interests:

  • The Early Modern Period/Renaissance
  • Women Artists
  • History of Feminist Theory
  • Painting
  • Portraiture

Teaching Assistantships:

ARTH 352 - Hybridity in 20th Century Textile Art - Taught by Dr. Susan Surette

  • The 10th Annual Conference of the Early Modern (2022) Presentation title - "Power and Representation: The Self-Portraits of Sofonisba Anguissola"
    Conference of the Contemporary (2022) Presentation title - "The Misogyny Behind Degas' Ballerinas"


  • Babel (2022) The University of King's College Undergraduate Journal for EMSP. Paper Title: "Power and Representation: The Self-Portraits of Sofonisba Anguissola"
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