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Alumnus/Alumna profile

Gentiane Bélanger

MA 08
Director-Curator, Foreman Art Gallery

1.  How are you applying your degree in Art History from Concordia?

As the director-curator, I’m responsible for bringing the Foreman Art Gallery’s vision and mandate to life by exhibiting works by Canadian and International artists. I generate critical knowledge on contemporary art through publications, I develop new publics through public programming and I’m also responsible for ensuring financial viability for the gallery.

The MA in Art History provides a strong knowledge of the Canadian and international contemporary art scene and it has allowed me to situate current art practices within theoretical frameworks. These assets prove fundamental to my work, which essentially consists of contributing to the development of contemporary art history through curated experiences and critical thought.

2. What do you value most from your Art History experience?

The Art History program offers a healthy balance of rigour, excellence and conviviality. Knowledge production in the MA program in Art History is solidly grounded in human experience. What the Art History program offers is a warm and welcoming environment that ease their students’ initiation into academic research. What I value the most from my Art History experience are the wonderful human beings that make up the program, some of whom remain important role models for me.

3. Is there a particular memory that stands out from your time at Concordia?

The feeling of being part of a family. I know, this sounds horribly cheesy but in my view, the Art History program at Concordia is characterized by a collective solidarity where you are being looked after by all faculty members, not just your primary advisor and where help and opportunities come from all directions.

4.  What advice would you give to someone considering graduate studies in Art History?

Choose your program and your advisor carefully, as the relationships you develop in the context of your study may greatly influence your research. And keep in mind that research flourishes in contexts of generosity and sharing. No one is omniscient. So get ready to appreciate and admire your peers’ talents, without feeling threatened by them.

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