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Today’s biggest challenges stretch beyond boundaries.

As Canada’s next-gen university, we set bold objectives to meet society's biggest challenges head-on.

Recruit diverse, outstanding talent

As one of the world’s most international universities, Concordia showcases how diversity benefits teaching, research and student life.

More voices means more innovative research, equitable education and a curious, open-minded global citizenry.

Drive student success

Degree completion is only one measure of success. We go further by helping our students become well-rounded, community-engaged and career-prepared graduates.

Our stake in student success includes health and wellness support that fosters a university-wide culture of care. 

Provide experiential learning for every student by 2025

Work-integrated learning, internships, entrepreneurship opportunities, studio residencies, experiences abroad and more — we’re multiplying pathways for our students to gain hands-on experience. This major differentiator for Concordia will support tomorrow’s labour market needs and retain talent in Canada. 

Reimagine and redesign our spaces

The major growth in our student population and research activity, combined with the new ways of working accelerated by the pandemic, requires a new approach to thinking about space and how it contributes to fostering great results. 

Invest in cutting-edge tools

To provide a competitive edge, we train our students on the latest industry tools and provide our researchers with the technologies that allow them to innovate tomorrow’s instruments and devices.

To prepare for what’s next, we need you.

Invest in Canada’s next-gen university

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